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Senior Portfolio Manager

Judi Resor is a property management success story.

She started her own boutique agency in a large provincial Queensland city with a couple of investment properties of her own and a few more of her friends and in less than a decade through hard work, education, determination, and excellent customer service had built into a portfolio of 480 properties.

That feat alone gained her a wealth of experience but beyond that since moving to Brisbane Judi has managed an inner city property portfolio of more than 300 properties almost single-handedly and undertaken a corporate role overseeing a team of senior property managers and a management portfolio numbering several thousand properties.

Ambitious and driven to succeed by nature, Judi is excited to be working with, and to have the back-up and support of, a company with the pedigree, distinction and reputation of JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property. She is particularly pleased with the level of autonomy her appointment affords her to indulge unreservedly her practised passion for helping people and delivering quite exceptional standard of service and integrity.

Beyond core management expertise, having been an investor and landlord herself gives Judi an enviable, unique and innate insight into safely navigating that less travelled road of optimising return while ensuring optimum property value, a quality that will be invaluable to our many financially successful but time poor clients.

Judi is very much a hands on manager with a rare depth of maturity, understanding and ability to achieve positive solutions for her clients in all situations. She is also possessive of the time, attitude, flexibility, capability and commitment to flourish in her senior company role where she looks forward to assisting you with her trademark practised aplomb with all you property management needs