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A Summarised History

Over more than a quarter of century of continue operation JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property has sold more than $3billion worth of residential property in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

The company’s unprecedented success whilst principally higher end has touched most property market sectors. Importantly it has been achieved in all market conditions and while maintaining a market leading advertising to sales dollar ratio, an outcome only made possible through having the industry’s very finest people, systems, databases, and emarketing competencies.


Since the company's inception in 1987, clients of JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property have benefited from an unrivalled track record of sales and leasing outcomes in the market.

On the sales front, JOHNSTON DIXON Quality property has established more sale price records across more suburbs than any other agency, be they large, small, independent or franchised. Such records include the top three prices paid for any property at auction in Brisbane (all over $7million), the two highest auction prices paid for any riverfront property, the two highest prices paid for any Brisbane acreage property (both over $5million), and the highest price paid at auction for an apartment.

On the leasing front, the company holds records for the highest rental paid for a leased residential property (over $3,000 per week) and more broadly has a leasing portfolio with the highest average rent achieved anywhere in Queensland.


There is no stronger recommendation than a satisfied client. At JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property we are proud to be able to claim an exceptionally high percentage of repeat clients, on top of which we are continually humbled by the number of new clients that existing or previous clients of the company refer to us.

Sophisticated Marketing

To endure as Queensland’s leading prestige property sales and leasing specialist is only possible where all elements that make up our marketing approach are managed and implemented at a level not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

To that end, every facet of our marketing in all its forms is undertaken by hand-picked specialists; be that our photographers, our in house graphic design team, or our copywriters, all of whom are governed by strict and constant quality control.

Principal among our most successful marketing strategies is that of our regularly published property portfolio ‘MOVE’, widely considered Australia’s premier property portfolio, which takes the presentation of property that we represent for sale or lease in the market to levels unachievable elsewhere.


Long recognised as Brisbane's most trusted real estate identity and possessing an extensive knowledge of and deep commitment to the Real Estate Industry, CEO John Johnston is regularly sought out for industry comment by the media.

Riverfront | Exclusive Property Specialist and company Director Josephine Johnston-Rowell beyond being Brisbane’s only genuine $Billion sales agent, also enjoys an unsurpassed record in the industry for her integrity, professional knowledge and commitment.

Niche Marketing

Whilst the company serves the interests of all quality property owners, JOHNSTON DIXON specialises in several niche markets at the premium end of the property spectrum. Each of our niche markets has dedicated specialists whose role it is to remain ahead of the general market knowledge base and to continually raise the bar in their chosen fields. Company consulting specialties include Riverfront property, Acreage property, Apartments, Prestige property generally, and boutique Project Marketing.

In-Depth Research

Comprehensive market research is constantly undertaken by JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property in order to keep our niche markets abreast of emerging trends and issues that may effect them. Ourregular reports are eagerly sought out by clients and the media alike given the factual and timely nature of the reporting.

Strategic Alliances

JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property has strategic alliances with like affiliate agencies with whom we share common ideals in every state in Australia as well as overseas.

Such national and international alliances more than representing an exclusive referral network that spans the globe, also works to ensure that the company stays right at the forefront of technology, service, and innovation.


JOHNSTON DIXON invests considerably in technology to guarantee that we maximise the reach and effectiveness of our marketing.  

A database that includes Queensland's 'Who's Who' understandably requires prudent management to which end we have developed our own in house specialist eMarketing software. Beyond our industry leading emarketing initiatives, we regularly receive positive feedback on the ease of use of our classic website

Buyer Help

"The distinction of being Brisbane's premier real estate organisation is not something we take for granted".

Since opening our business in 1987, it has been our singular aim to establish the finest boutique real estate practice that exists anywhere. In achieving that goal, we have established character, integrity and trust as core company fundamentals, upon which knowledge, skill and service can attain their full potential and be of maximum benefit to the buying public, as well as to the broader public at large.

This pioneering, principled approach to real estate sales has been instrumental in closing the gap between agency rhetoric and reality.

Despite JOHNSTON DIXON's longevity in the market and the conservative nature of so many of our clients, we are very much a change ready organisation with a demonstrated ability to readily re-invent ourselves to keep up with the increased speed of redundancy of systems and practises common in today's Information Age.

The effective application of 'high tech' is essential for continued success and we constantly scour the globe to source the very best systems and processes. Where they don't exist, we design our own.

Whilst technology is an increasingly important means to an end, it is not an end in itself. Real estate is and shall always remain a people business. People do business with people.  This is something we will never lose sight of. 

It is the ultimate aim of our organisation to earn the trust and respect of our clients such that they and those they refer become 'Clients for Life'. 

Whether selling, buying or renting, anyone engaging the services of JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property can rest assured that:

  • We will always do whatever is in our power to bring about the optimum result possible for you
  • We will always treat you as you wish to be treated, and never as simply another customer
  • We will always provide you with timely and accurate feedback and advice
  • We will always treat you fairly, honestly and with due dignity
  • We will always place your interests ahead of ours

All property dealings should be exciting and rewarding experiences.  We do our best to ensure that they are.


JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property's achievements have been formally recognised many times in our quarter century of operation.

These have included the REIQ 'Industry Awards for Excellence' top award of 'Real Estate Agent of the Year' which went to the company for outstanding achievement in the industry and community, its ethical business practice, relationship with clients, and its commitment to continuing education.

JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property has been honoured by the REIQ awards on numerous occasions and until the time we withdrew from competing in the awards in 2005, we had been either a finalist or category winner every year.