JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property

'Greatness is not determined by size, but by greatness'

From relatively humble suburban beginnings in 1987, JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property has evolved to become one of Australia’s premier boutique residential real estate agencies.

Under the stewardship of enigmatic CEO John Johnston and driven by the legendary sales ability of Director Josephine Johnston-Rowell, the company is today a force to be reckoned with across the quality end of the Brisbane residential real estate marketplace.

Over the past decade, from its centrally located offices the company has sold more multi-million dollar properties and set more record high prices than any other Brisbane based organisation past or present, large or small, independent or franchised.

These sales have included the three highest prices paid at auction for any Brisbane home, all over $7million; the highest auction price paid for a riverfront home at just under $8million; the highest price paid for any Brisbane acreage home at $6.7million; and most recently, the highest price ever paid at auction for a Brisbane apartment, at $5.65million.

The company’s ascendancy has been no less compelling on the leasing front where JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property Management has achieved exceptional annual growth as it established a leasing portfolio with the highest average rent anywhere in the state of Queensland.

Key to its enduring success has been its commitment to stay independent, very aware that history has proven excellence can’t be franchised and also how important an integrated force operating from a core central location in such a people-focused industry such as real estate is.

The company also knows that to be the best you have to be the best, and there are no shortcuts. To have the best quality brand, best advertisements, copywriting, signage, processes and people the company knows requires constant, incredible commitment and investment.

Like all genuine success stories, JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property’s has been hard won, equally hard won its reputation as the top end’s ‘real estate safe harbour’, this rather intriguingly earned despite the company itself never having been one to play it safe.

Testament to its pioneering spirit, the company’s highly acclaimed MOVE magazine, distributed digitally and in hard copy in the tens of thousands locally, nationally and internationally shows what is possible when convention is truly greatly challenged. What started life as a flimsy black and white flyer in the early 1990’s is today considered the country’s foremost residential property sales and leasing publication.

Equally bold and innovative has been the company’s embrace of the ‘high tech, high touch’ revolution, a fast moving train it boarded early and where its classic website and revolutionary integrated ‘Client Match’ software have proven to be ground-breaking, benchmark setting innovations.

While vision, commitment, innovation, integrity and technology are all important, ultimately real estate is about people doing business with people. That is something that will never change and is where JOHNSTON DIXON Quality Property truly shines; in its dealings with clients, where the genuine character, creativity, class and commitment of its people represent a clear point of difference in the real estate marketplace.