Specialising in quality over quantity, Miles manages only a limited number of properties. This approach allows him to provide rare levels of personalised service and attention to not only his landlords but his tenants also.

As a JOHNSTON DIXON tenant, you will:

  • Have a direct line to Miles who will manage the tenancy end-to-end with zero delegating or outsourcing.
  • Experience conveniences and flexibility not on offer anywhere else.
  • Have freedom in how you wish to communicate. I will not force you to use an app or seemingly endless emails.
  • Not be charged a fee to simply pay your rent or sign up for any third-party system.
  • Be treated with respect and transparency.

For a full suite of our unique benefits, please contact Miles directly by telephoning +61 405 934 456 or by emailing him at mjohnston@johnstondixon.com