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Josephine Johnston-Rowell is one of this country’s truly great real estate sales agents and has a sales record in the Brisbane marketplace that is totally beyond compare.

Affectionately known as the ‘River Queen’ from her two decade domination of the river sales market and her authoritative authorship of the definitive Brisbane RIVER REPORT, it comes as a surprise to many that Josephine enjoys as much sales success off the river as on.

For the past decade Josephine has maintained the very highest average house sale price anywhere in Brisbane at more than $2.5million and in a stellar 25 year career is the only individual Brisbane agent to genuinely push the $1billion sales mark.

Josephine’s unrivalled record includes having sold three times more riverfront property by value than anyone else, having sold nearly $80million worth of real estate in just the one year, having sold more than $25million worth of real estate in the space of just one month, and of holding a record number of suburb record prices (which she still does).

Meeting Josephine, you may hardly know that she is the doyenne of the top end. She is one of the most unassuming people you may ever meet. In a rare radio interview she gave recently the announcer couldn’t help but observe ‘you are nothing like what I imagined one of Australia’s most successful agents to be. You seem entirely normal, genuine, and even down to earth’.

Josephine is disarmingly normal, though ultra-competitive. She is also refreshingly real, honest, caring, and possessive of an incredibly rare sense of commitment and responsibility to her clients, whose interests and privacy she goes to great lengths to protect.

Despite all that, or perhaps more because of all that, she succeeds in the market like no other.

Making almost one-third of her sales off-market, Josephine’s incomparable sales legacy includes all four of Brisbane’s top four highest priced auction sales and more sales over $5million than all other Brisbane agents combined, many of which she has effected post-GFC.

Incredibly in 2012 Josephine sold all four of the top four highest priced properties sold by agents in Brisbane, two houses and two apartments.

Josephine stands tall in the marketplace as being totally unique in her selling style, ethics and commitment. Her determined attitude even extends to home on her beloved river where she display a like resolute commitment to fostering an equally rewarding family life.